Labor Day anxiety about labor

7 09 2009

I haven’t been around much for the past couple of weeks because I have been working frantically on two chapters of my dissertation, plus preparing materials for the job market.  I am feeling the weight of crushing anxiety about my future.  Funnily enough, that doesn’t really give me much motivation to write blog posts.  Besides, anxiety is time-consuming!

So this is just to let my two readers know that posts here will be sporadic as job season rears its terrifying head.  Wish me luck, readers and random Googlers, because I am going to need it.


My BlogHer shout-outs

31 07 2009

BlogHer was intense!  And brilliant!  The highlight for me was the community keynote — I laughed, I cried, I chased down people at the cocktail parties and demanded their cards.  (Any type of smooth conversational moves? Yeah, I do not have them.)  I enjoyed great conversations with people, but because I didn’t have business cards, NO ONE WILL REMEMBER ME.

Note to self: next year, think about business cards at some point before you actually board the plane.

On the plus side, I stashed all the business cards I picked up in the same purse pocket as a pack of gum, so they all smell minty-fresh!  Maybe next year I should try the same thing only with my own business cards.  I’ll be the one with the tiny MOO cards that smell like mint…

At the newbie breakfast on Friday I met the lovely Sabrina from Sugar Inc., whose clothes were to die for.

I had an excellent conversation at lunch on Saturday with two lovely women named Beverly; we talked about the state of feminism and the possible characteristics of this “fourth wave” (which may or may not be a wave at all).  It was a great conversation — thanks, ladies!

On Saturday night, my dear friend/travel companion/partner in crime (who blogs at One Shoe Off) and I had a great time chatting with Becky of Deep Muck Big Rake and Aviva Pflock (whose book Mommy Guilt was recently published).

At the CheeseburgHer party I chatted with Alana from Letter B and her sister, Kara; together they fight crime run a crafting blog!  (Well, maybe they also fight crime, but if so, it didn’t come up in our conversation.)

I met lots and lots of other wonderful people, but I wanted to make note (for my own sake, really) of the conversations that really stood out to me among many others.  It was a great experience!

(On a different note, I wonder why BlogHer isn’t getting more attention among the feminist bloggers I read…)