Quick Dollhouse Link

20 04 2009

This post on the complicated feminism of Dollhouse is one of the best analyses I’ve seen yet.  It took me a while to get on board with this show, but the last couple of episodes in particular have really convinced me that Whedon really is trying to address the issues that have been bothering me — and that those issues are meant to unsettle me.

Also, it seems like all I’ve been doing is posting about Dollhouse.  This is unfortunate, since I’ve also been reading a lot of Lois McMaster Bujold recently.  Jo Walton’s been posting over at Tor.com about the entire Vorkosigan series, and I recommend all the posts.  Bujold also turns up to comment, and just today Walton capped off the posts with an interview with Bujold, who tells us (among other things) that Miles dies at age 57.  Oh, Miles.  The thought of his death makes me far sadder than it ought.


Multicultural Fantasy

10 03 2009

I just discovered that Marie Brennan has put together a list of fantasy novels based on non-Norse, non-Celtic, non-medieval-English cultures.  She’s even divided it up into categories, organized by the main foundational culture for each novel.  This is completely awesome.

On a similar note, one of the positive things to come out of RaceFail ’09 (in addition to many fruitful conversations and the founding of a new press, Verb Noire) has been the sheer number of recommendations for books written by chromatic people.  Some dedicated and wonderful fans are compiling a spreadsheet of recommendations, and I know there’s been rumors of a GoodReads/LibraryThing list.  I’ll link that info here, too, when it’s finished.

Scrap that reading list

6 03 2009

I was away from the internet for a few days, and when I returned, it had all gone to hell.  Again.

I no longer plan to read Elizabeth Bear’s Stratford Man books because of her unconscionable behavior in this post.  Unfortunately, I can’t return those books and get my money back.  So instead, I plan to follow Avalon’s Willow’s excellent suggestion: sell them (and a few others) and donate the money to Verb Noire, a new press for writers and characters of color.

And I want to be clear about some things.  I am white and privileged; I try to be conscious of and fight against the racism that permeates my environment, but I know that I fail sometimes.  And I am sorry for that.  I hope that I learn better, but — and this is important — I don’t believe it is anybody’s responsibility but my own to teach me how not to be an asshat.  I need to learn.  I need to try.  I need to make the hard decisions, adjust the ingrained attitudes, and be an adult about how I write about POCs.

My promise here is that I will always work toward that goal.  And when I screw up, I will not do what Elizabeth Bear has done: trivialize, insult, marginalize, alienate, and try to silence POCs.

I will listen.  I will research.  I will learn.

And they’re all women

18 02 2009

As a corollary to my last post, I just realized that all the authors I talked about (Jensen, Willis, Monette, and Clarke) are women. In fact, although like many fans of SF/F I started off with Tolkien and Lewis, I find myself drawn primarily to women writers in current SF/F these days. As I think about the books I’ve read in the past year for the first time, these are the ones that stand out to me:

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