About the Blog

I post here about books, geekery, and feminism (not in that order):

Books: I love them.  From Jane Austen to Connie Willis, from Shakespeare to Georgette Heyer, from Harry Potter to The Lymond Chronicles to Dorothy Sayers’s Lord Peter mysteries, I adore books.  I cut my reading chops on Dickens when I was a kid; I imprinted on The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Tom Wolfe as a teenager; I fell in love with John Donne’s poems as an undergraduate.

My tastes are eclectic and varied and only snobbish in that I prefer good writing and compelling characters.  When I read a book that I find remarkable (for better or worse), I’ll post about it here.

Geekery: Tolkien, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Joss Whedon — even Star Trek, thanks to the 2009 movie — I love science fiction and fantasy entertainment.  Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors, and I generally go for the funny and not so much the dark.

I love talking about genre tropes and analyzing representations of gender and race in particular.  Analysis is fun for me, and I can like something while still recognizing that it has problems (hence my intensely ambivalent responses to Dollhouse, documented on the blog).

Feminism: I believe that “feminism is the radical notion that women are people,” and that ALL women across all classes and races should be able to pursue their own happiness.  I’m interested in connections between gender and race, gender and class, class and race, etc. — what people call “intersectionality.”

I believe that books, TV shows, movies, and other media should represent women as people, not just as love interests or sex objects or other types of one-dimensional characters that only exist as satellites to men.  I also believe that media should represent men as people, too, not just as caricatures of the Fat Slob, Frat Guy, and Incompetent Father.

And I believe that the media’s treatment of (for example) Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Obama demonstrates just how far we still have to go.


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