The Women of Warehouse 13

1 08 2009

I have been pretty charmed by Warehouse 13. First, it’s a buddy cop show, and I have a weakness for lighthearted buddy cop shows. Second, there are three women who play important roles, and while I’m hoping they get more character depth than they currently have, I’m pleased just to see them!

First, there’s Myka, the Scully to Pete’s Mulder. … You know, I was going to say more here, but really, that pretty much sums it up. I never watched The X-Files much, but it seems like Pete is notably more obnoxious, in that frat-boy kind of way, than Mulder ever was. And Myka deals with it.

Then there’s Lena, the girl who can read auras. I appreciate that she’s there, and that she’s black/mixed race/multiracial (I use so many terms because I’m not sure how the actor prefers to identify). But unfortunately, she and the third important woman, the black Mrs. Frederick, are both Magical Negroes: Lena exists to fetch things, ask probing questions so that exposition can take place, and read auras; Mrs. Frederick has been magically alive forever and she mysteriously sets the entire plot in motion by recruiting Myka and Pete and keeping them on task.

I like the premise of the show: I’ve always loved the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, so an entire show structured around the wacky adventures of a team of artifact scavengers totally appeals to me. Its steampunk trappings are fun, too.

The show’s not going to break ground as particularly thought-provoking or innovative. It’s fluff entertainment, episodic in structure — not nearly as sophisticated as, say, LOST. Still, even though I’ve missed a few weeks, I’m looking forward to catching up on Hulu.

Up soon: I’ll be reviewing unaired episodes of Dollhouse.




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